Eupac Adds VoSKY’s VoIP Products to Portfolio – Skype for PBX

Eupac, a specialist distributor of internet communications and digital entertainment devices, has announced that it will be distributing VoSKY’s new range of VoIP products via its new website:

Brian Wang, Director of Eupac commented: “We are extremely pleased to be adding VoSKY’s great range of Skype compatible products to our existing portfolio. The demand for VoIP is growing at a staggering rate as more and more people and businesses choose to use programs like Skype to make calls through the internet, saving money on costly phone bills.”

Wang continued, “The VoSKY products are right at the forefront of VoIP technology and are Skype certified, offering customers great choice and diversity. The VoSKY products allow users to use their existing phones, including their cordless phones or even mobile phones, to make and receive Skype or Skypeout calls. This means that users no longer have to be sat in front of their computer and wear a cumbersome headset to make or receive Skype calls. Furthermore, the VoSKY Call Centre for example, has an incoming and outgoing call forwarding feature, which can forward any Skype call to your mobile phones or to any other phones. Users can also make Skype or Skypeout calls from their mobile phones by calling the Call Centre, which in turn, can forward the call through the internet via Skype or Skypeout. This is ideal for people who are constantly on the move but need to make frequent long distance calls.”

Wang said further, “The VoSKY Exchange is perfect for the business environment. By connecting one VoSKY Exchange to your office PBX, you can allow up to 4 users to make and receive Skype or SkypeOut calls simultaneously on their regular office phones. The VoSKY Exchange automatically allocates callers to the available Skype accounts. Incoming Skype calls can also be transferred to different extensions through your PBX system. The VoSKY Exchange allows Skype to work seamlessly with your existing office phone system.

These are just two of the four great products available in VoSKY’s fantastic new range which we think will be a huge success.”

Of possible interest to resellers is the VoSKY Exchange, a £425.00 RRP unit that brings the benefit of Skype to an office environment. Exchange bridges your existing PBX to the Skype network, and provides access to inexpensive long distance and international calls.

Exchange adds four Skype lines to a PBX, and extends the benefit of Skype to every extension in the office. With the VoSKY exchange, everyone in the office can simply pick up their office phone and make or receive Skype calls. For outgoing Skype calls, the VoSKY Exchange automatically allocates callers to the available Skype accounts. For incoming Skype calls, the Exchange can forward the Skype calls to any extension in the office through your PBX network.

Additionally, with the VoSKY Exchange, all Skype accounts can now be managed centrally rather than on individual user level.

Eupac conclude by saying Skype can also work seamlessly with your existing telephone network. The Exchange supports your existing PBX network right out of the box, protecting your PBX investments. There is also no need for rewiring or installing any new phones.

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