EveryCity partners with Zeus Technology

EveryCity, the managed hosting provider, has announced a partnership with Zeus Technology, the leading provider of award-winning application traffic management software. With Zeus load balancing technology, EveryCity is offering an economic, multi-tiered solution to rapid growth and unpredictable bursts of traffic. Online companies will be able to manage their growth whilst only paying for the computing resources they consume.

In addition to shared Zeus load balancing, Everycity now offers dedicated Zeus virtual appliances at very cost effective rates. Customers can turn on extra features via a new licence key as they grow. Clients will be able to start off on the shared Zeus ZXTM product, but will be able to move onto a dedicated pair of Zeus Simple Load Balancers (SLB), in order to manage the weight of traffic as well as providing resilience as they grow.

To manage spikes in traffic, clients of EveryCity are now able to seamlessly upgrade to dedicated virtual Zeus ZXTM load balancers, which will automatically scale servers up and down on demand. Appropriate capacity is made available to the client at a very cost-effective ‘resource reservation’ rate. Zeus will then automatically boots up servers within seconds as they are required and the customer only pays for the resources consumed, following the utility-based cloud model. Zeus also takes care of scaling the platform back down once the peaks in traffic have subsided.

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