Everything Everywhere makes 1,200 redundancies

Everything Everywhere, the company that runs Orange and T-Mobile in the UK, is set to make 1,200 reduncies as part of the coming together of the two businesses, a reduction of about 7.5%.

It has announced the cuts as the next stage of its transformation with a proposed new structure for the business, which aligns to its multi-brand strategy.

Over the past three months, the company has been identifying areas of the business where there is duplication across Orange and T-Mobile and its 16,000 strong workforce. The cuts are rumoured to be taken form across the entire business, however, legal and IT are expected to be the worst hit.

Everything Everywhere has implemented a 90 day programme to work out who gets the chop. All 1,200 jobs are expected to go by this Christmas.

Tom Alexander, CEO of Everything Everywhere, commented: “With the size and scale of our combined business, we have an incredible opportunity to deliver an unrivalled experience and unparalled value to our customers. To do that we need to ensure that we are operating with maximum efficiency, effectively serving our two brands while removing any unnecessary duplication from the business and, above all, making sure that we are set up to deliver for the future.

“It is therefore regrettable that some roles will need to be removed from our combined business. We will of course be doing everything we possibly can to mitigate the personal impact on our people and support them through this process.”

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