Evolving Systems celebrates 25 years of telecoms success

Evolving Systems, a provider of software solutions and services to the wireless, wireline and IP carrier market, this month celebrates 25 years as a pioneering trailblazer in the global telecoms industry.

The company has recorded a range of landmark achievements since its launch in 1985. It has been at the forefront of efforts to implement number portability in the United States. Number porting was introduced in 1996 for wireline operators and 2003 for wireless operators, allowing flexibility to consumers to change their carrier while retaining their phone number. Evolving Systems’ software for operators and the initial U.S. central clearinghouse NPAC has helped make these services a commercial reality.

Through its Tertio service activation solution, Evolving Systems has helped support the wireless industry in the delivery of complex service bundles, encompassing voice, text, data, video, and other multimedia services.

The company provides a robust number management solution for domestic and international markets with its NumeriTrack solution. Today the largest wireless and cable company in the US has standardized on NumeriTrack for management of their number inventory.

Over the past four years, Evolving Systems has focused on supporting emerging markets, where wireless networks have brought extensive social benefits, helping to raise quality of life. The company’s footprint encompasses over ten customers in Africa, eight in Latin America, a strong service activation footprint in the Balkans and a growing presence in South-East Asia.

The company’s innovative Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) solution is enabling operators across the world to achieve significant cost savings by simplifying the SIM supply chain and optimizing network capacity.

Today, DSA allows operators to more effectively manage the explosive growth of consumer and business-focused connected devices, from personal media players (PMPs) to MP3 players and e-readers, high-end digital cameras to smartphones and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices.

“The telecoms sector has witnessed monumental changes and shifts over the past 25 years,” says Thad Dupper, Chairman, CEO and President of Evolving Systems. “The complexity and value of services offered to the consumer have dramatically increased while the price point associated with those services has decreased. These trends have primarily been driven by enhanced competition and greater technological innovation,” adds Dupper, “and we have been in the vanguard of these developments throughout.”

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