Exchange Comms Achieve Avaya Platinum status for Enterprise

Exchange Communications a leading specialist in designing, implementing and maintaining converged voice and data communications, has achieved the highest level of Avaya Reseller certification; Exchange Communications have been awarded Platinum Business Partner status by Avaya, a global provider of business communications software, systems and services. This is the highest status for an Avaya business partner, and Exchange exceeded Avaya’s demanding assessment criteria.

Exchange communications Head of Operations Michael McMillan commented, ‘We are all very proud at exchange to be an Avaya Platinum Partner, Avaya set the Bar very high to reach Platinum status and we’ve all been working hard to achieve this level of accreditation for the last 12 months. It is very rewarding to take our place with the handful of other companies through out the UK who have achieved this accreditation.”

Michael added, “we were awarded platinum accreditation from Avaya in Q4 which rounded of a very successful year for Exchange Communications. Winning various business awards and also gaining the Avaya JSD accreditation. It was a record year for sales and we picked up a few very good overseas projects as well, making 2009 very exciting indeed With our platinum status and JSD accreditation in place we believe we have something very special to offer our clients and we look forward to continuing to strengthen our already close relationship with Avaya in Scotland as well as throughout the UK.”

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