Excitor Acquires Giritech to Deliver Secure Mobile Enterprise Applications

Mobile Enterprise applications in a BYOD context drive demand for a secure corporate partition

Excitor, announced its acquisition of Giritech AS, a provider of secure online access solutions across iOS, Android, Mac OS, Linux and Windows devices, in a move to mobilise enterprise applications securely.

The acquisition delivers the integration of a secure mobile web access into the Excitor DME secure container. The container enables the separation of corporate and personal information on the device, making BYOD (Bring your own device) secure to implement without the risk of leakage of corporate information. Importantly, it also removes the need for companies to control personal information.

Named DME AppBox, the new capability enables a wide range of enterprise applications to be deployed rapidly to mobile devices, using a single secure communications channel to the enterprise for email, PIM and enterprise information.

Excitor is capitalising on the wealth of HTML5 skills in the market, and the richness of mobile web development kits such as Sencha Touch*, JQuery mobile* and Dojo Mobile*. These can make enterprise applications as easy and attractive to use as applications found in the consumer space. The lack of control over where corporate data may end up however, has hindered companies from exploiting the productivity gains. Excitor’s DME AppBox technology provides a fast, secure means of delivering those applications to a secure container on multiple device types.

In subsequent releases, Excitor will integrate further capability into the DME secure container, enabling secure online access to enterprise applications that are not web enabled.

Ross Oldbury, Head of IT Innovation at British American Tobacco said:
“Accessing enterprise Apps wherever employees are, will be one of the most significant productivity enhancers for us in the forthcoming year.

Capitalising on the secure mobile platform we already have in place with DME email, we are extending enterprise app capabilities to all mobile devices, allowing us to hit the road running. We have literally thousands of internal applications that we could mobilise with a Corporate App Store area and Excitor’s technology can help us deliver this in a quick, secure and cost efficient way.”

The merger brings a management re-organisation at Excitor, with René Stockner, CEO of Giritech, taking the role as CEO of Excitor. Bo Stig Hansen, CTO of Giritech takes the role of CTO of Excitor. Alison Henderson takes the position of VP Sales and Marketing for the joint company. Olivier Gerey, formerly in a technical management role at Excitor, takes the role as Head of Technical Services and Product Management.

Bo Stig Hansen, Excitor CTO, explains that the acquisition allows Excitor to leverage Giritech’s secure browser and technology for secure connectivity. With support for the emerging HTML5 technology, including offline data storage this means that powerful and appealing applications can be deployed rapidly to the field, without the resource intensive development requirements of native client architectures.

René Stockner, Excitor CEO commented “We let people enjoy the device of their personal preference for work in full compliance with employer policies, yet with no negative impact for the user. Together, Giritech and Excitor provide online and offline mobile security and enable people to interact with their business processes, anywhere.”

Commenting on the market response to the enhanced solution, Alison Henderson, VP Sales, stated “As more and more critical information is deployed to devices – financials, personnel, product and legal information for example – then the potential security risk is more obvious. A secure corporate container for sensitive information has an immediate appeal in the market.”

Giritech’s product, G/On, will continue to be developed, supported and sold. It is expected that, in the future, the products from the two companies will share a common road map. Giritech will remain a wholly owned subsidiary of Excitor.

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