Exclusive: HSC launches Microsoft Online Cloud Services

Mobile distributor, HSC, has launched Microsoft Online Cloud Services, opening up what will be one of the biggest business technology markets of the next few years.

Microsoft Online Services will enable HSC dealers to generate additional revenues from Cloud services, giving mobile dealers a path to follow that will allow them to grow in this highly competitive market.

On 1 Feb HSC released its HSC Cloud Starter Pack for Microsoft Online Services on yourHSC.com website. Microsoft Online Services will allow HSC dealers to provide their customers with enterprise class software at an affordable price.

Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Communications and Live Meeting Online costs the customer only £6.71 per user per month, giving small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to increase efficiencies in their daily operations.

Microsoft and HSC announced at HSC Christmas Conference in December that they were gearing up to launch Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite together this January.

Microsoft’s presence at the Christmas Conference enabled HSC’s dealers to find out first hand exactly how this new relationship will help them generate fresh revenues over 2011.

Sweetlove commented on HSC’s work with Microsoft at the conference: “Our new relationship with Microsoft is an opportunity for people in the know to sell cloud-based services. We at HSC are well positioned to help you, the independent dealer, work in this area.

“You will be able to go to your customer and tell them they can be far more scalable as a business if they buy their services from the cloud, with a predictable monthly spend, massive flexibility, and the opportunity for businesses that previously couldn’t afford the features of Microsoft Exchange Server to now be able to take advantage of that. It’s going to be huge for 2011.”

Also at the Christmas conference, a moustachioed man from Microsoft told the audience that the new services would include four areas: Exchange Online Standard; Office Sharepoint Online Standard; Office Live Meeting Online; and Office Communications Online.

The full Suite will be available to end users via HSC’s dealers for £6.71 per user per month, with a full 30 day trial for up to 20 users.

Microsoft states in its starter pack: “Microsoft cloud services are Microsoft as a utility, but it is more than plugging into a utility. It’s the applications you know, the platforms you know, and a data centre infrastructure, all working together in a cohesive whole. It’s Microsoft when you need it.”

Sweetlove refused to comment further on the collaboration with Microsoft.

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