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Exertis Micro-P Experience SmartWatch Demand Rise

Exertis Micro-P has announced it has experienced high demand for the Sony SmartWatch 2 since it began selling the innovative new product one month ago. The popularity of the device is due to its versatile appeal plus high quality build and design, stated Exertis Micro-P.

Stuart Bruce, general manager for accessories division, Attach, at Exertis Micro-P, commented: “Sony SmartWatch 2 is an exciting piece of kit and is a genuine companion device; Exertis Micro-P believes the smartwatch phenomenon will help continue the already popular trend of accessorising your smartphone or tablet to express your personal style, as well as being a true lifestyle aid.

“The Sony SmartWatch 2 is already a massive seller for us, and it is set to become even more popular as Christmas approaches. The Sony brand, innovation and high quality build and design values are extremely apparent in this smartwatch,” Bruce added.

For business users, the Sony SmartWatch 2 becomes a discreet business tool, enabling easy call handling, fast calendar access, and emails to be monitored and responded to without having to touch a smartphone or tablet. The device is available with two top quality leather wrist straps in brown or black to allow business users to accessorise subtly.

Bruce continued: “It is a handy device for all people on the move, from those in the enterprise, to tech-savvie creative types, to mum’s on the go, to teenagers. It can be styled with wrist straps to suit anyone’s style, so it will appeal to the younger users matching the device with their trainers, to business users wanting to blend it to match a suit. This is a great sell for resellers and we are here to help them make the most of Sony’s strong product family.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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