Exponential-e achieves record sales despite UK slowdown

Exponential-e, the Next Generation Network (NGN) service provider has announced that it made record sales in its second quarter of 2008. The latest figures broke the previous record, set only the preceding quarter, by a further 31% and heralds the best ever half-year results recorded by the company since its launch in 2002. Even as the UK heads into recession and the “credit crunch” continues to hit across the board, Exponential-e’s 2008 sales are hitting record levels as corporate customers are adopting new technology and innovative solutions in order to compete and gain advantage in these tough times.

Exponential-e backed Ethernet, as the emerging WAN technology, right from its inception in 2002 when its portfolio included point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services. This early commitment to the technology delivered a highly profitable return, in turn, funding an extensive period of Research & Development investment to move Exponential-e onto its Ethernet NGN service delivery platform. Today, Exponential-e offers a second-generation Ethernet any-to-any VPLS capability with intelligent QoS.

By expanding its portfolio to include Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) in January 2006, Exponential-e was the first UK provider to offer the, now much talked about, solution. The company signed its first VPLS customer in April 2006 and came to the attention of two industry awards in the same year. Since then 95% of the company’s customers make use of VPLS in the networking solutions that Exponential-e designs for them.

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