Exponential-e delivers 100Gig connectivity with major upgrade of network

Exponential-e Ltd, one of the UK’s most innovative technology providers announced today that it has upgraded its network to deliver 100 gigabits per second (100Gig) connectivity to its customer base. The new network has been built around four major nodes housed in Carrier Neutral Hotels (CNHs) – two in Docklands and two in the City of London – which form a robust, low-jitter and latency, high-performance network ‘super-core’.

In order to ensure zero disruption to Exponential-e’s customers, the upgrade has been been performed outside of core business hours over the past 12 months. Having seen a major spike in data traffic on its network around the broadcast of the Royal Wedding last year, Exponential-e’s upgrade was timetabled to allow its 1200 customers and partners to deal with the huge predicted spike in traffic during the sporting events in London this Summer.

Lee Wade, CEO, Exponential-e commented: “Upgrading our network to 100Gig will play a key role in allowing us to deliver the next generation of highly demanding IT solutions for our customers. Whether it is high-speed connectivity into BATS Chi-X for our financial services customers, cloud access to Amazon Web Services, or delivering live broadcast footage during the Summer of sport, our network will be the key enabler in all of these solutions. Rather than looking at where our customers’ businesses will be in one or two years we have taken a longer-term view and designed this network upgrade to ensure we are at least five years ahead of the data-growth curve.”

Chris Christou, Head of Engineering, Exponential-e added: “Capacity and latency are huge considerations for organisations; our new network core in London provides the best possible performance levels for our customers around the country as well as those using our transatlantic links, which connect into two of the new 100Gig nodes. During the first week of the games this summer we have seen a threefold increase in network traffic which our upgraded network has handled easily, ensuring our customers see no degradation in service throughout this period.”

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