Exponential-e delivers full IPv6-readiness across entire business internet portfolio

Exponential-e Ltd announced it has enabled IPv6 as standard on all its business internet services. This will ensure customers using Exponential-e’s services will be able to send and receive traffic across the entire internet, not just legacy networks using IPv4.

Current rates of IPv6 allocation indicate that RIPE NCC, the European Regional Internet registry, will run out this summer, leaving European ISPs facing exhaustion[1]. Problems resulting from IPv6 exhaustion have already surfaced in Asia, where the APNIC regional registry ran out in 2011. Exponential-e’s dual-stack approach to IPv6 readiness allows customers to carry on with IPv4 as normal, and then deploy IPv6 on their internal network when they are ready.

Dan Young, Lead Technologist, Exponential-e, comments: “While many service providers in the UK are only just waking up to the potential issues caused by IPv4 exhaustion, Exponential-e has been incredibly proactive in readying its services and customers for the transition to IPv6. We are committed to ensuring the process is as smooth and painless as possible for businesses using our service. W believe that our investments in this will pay significant dividends for them. To ignore or deny the potential risks associated with a reactive approach to this issue is negligent on the part of network providers and potentially damaging for businesses.”

During the past year Exponential-e has been working on bringing IPv6 capability to the UK enterprise market. This has significant background work, such as network audits and upgrades, customer trials and R&D, training and process preparation. As part of the transition process, additional documentation, training and professional services will be made available to ensure customers are fully supported in upgrading their own infrastructure.

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