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Exponential-e Launch Pay-as-you-go Cloud Model

Exponential-e today launched CloudNet, a business-class fibre connection that comes bundled with Internet and direct private access to multiple cloud services with a single End-to-End SLA. Accessing Cloud services via the Internet is considered too risky for most companies. CloudNet resolves this with simple, free-to-connect private connections from company offices or data centres straight into a range of pay-as-you-go Cloud services. The Cloud connections bypass the Internet, thereby negating serious business concerns regarding data security and Internet performance issues.

Exponential-e has achieved this by integrating its cloud infrastructure with its own UK network. This allows it to offer multiple private connections to various cloud services over a single 100 or 1000Mbps fibre connection – the same fibre connection it delivers business Internet services on. Exponential-e has recognised that standard Internet connections are no longer enough for businesses, as witnessed in the consumer market with triple-play entertainment packages.

Exponential-e has designed the CloudNet services to cater for Channel Partners, allowing them to further enhance their value proposition by offering Cloud services to complement the existing services they offer their clients.

Lee Wade, Exponential-e CEO comments: “This is another world-first technology launch from Exponential-e. It is a game-changing Cloud-network innovation that resolves the data security and privacy concerns many companies have regarding the adoption of Cloud services. In addition, accessing Cloud services via the Internet is not acceptable for business critical applications anymore. Cloud and network technology has surpassed the Internet. Bandwidth, compute and storage are complementary business resources. Until today, you could not buy them in this simple fashion. Two years from now, all service providers will adopt this approach to Internet and Cloud service provision.”

Dave Joplin, Exponential-e’s Head of Channel adds: “CloudNet delivers the agility and flexibility the Cloud promises, without any of the previous concerns end-users had about Cloud technology – namely, security and privacy of their data. Companies today require cloud with a dynamic agility to react to the changing needs of business, providing connectivity, compute, storage and voice; a Cloud and network connection where both are elastic and can scale up or down on demand as well as being cost effective, which is what CloudNet delivers.”

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