Exponential-e launches service to remove pain of deploying corporate Wide Area Networks

Exponential-e announced the launch of its ‘Smart WAN’ service. The network service, launched in response to customer demand, combines two of the company’s flagship services – VPLS connectivity and Wide Area Networks (WANs).

With today’s businesses seeking to do more with less and with Cloud and Virtualisation services placing strain on legacy network infrastructure, the new service couldn’t have come at a better time for Exponential-e’s market base.

Simon Acott, Director, Exponential-e, explains: “Today, more than ever, enterprise WANs need to support an ever-growing number of users, devices and sites. Combine that with the complexity involved in network migrations and integrations involving multiple providers, it was clear to us that the market was looking for a simpler, smarter and hassle-free WAN solution. Smart WAN addresses the challenge in deploying enterprise WANs. Firstly it simplifies the procurement process by removing the complex component-based approach by offering a pricing model based on the number of sites and secondly, it is delivered over Exponential-e’s carrier-class network using Layer 2 VPLS access which links directly into Exponential-e’s private cloud. Smart WAN provides the platform on which to build additional corporate services.”

Exponential-e believes the newly launched service will appeal to enterprise businesses beyond its customer-base of 1300 plus organisations. As businesses look to access multiple services notably, Cloud-based, Smart WAN is expected to serve as a building block to running additional enterprise services such as Server Replication, Online back-up and Hosted Telephony.

“We’ve listened to the market and developed a service which seriously addresses the significant costs associated with WAN deployment by removing the bespoke approach to WAN services,” explained Mukesh Bavisi, Managing Director, Exponential-e. “I don’t believe service and solution providers can continue to under-estimate the challenges enterprises are facing when looking to upgrade or migrate corporate networks. It’s down to providers to address this and develop portfolios that fit market needs rather than the other way round. By adding this service to our portfolio, the market now has the choice of a bespoke enterprise network design or a more predictive solution.”

The ‘Smart WAN’ service is a fibre-based WAN solution which is delivered over Exponential-e’s UK-wide 100GigE core network and provides enterprise-grade security and an end-to-end SLA.

Exponential-e works with some of the UK’s leading enterprises including Fidessa, the Interquest Group, Channel 4, Fulham Football Club and the London Capital Group.

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