Exponential-e Support Conferencing from CCT Venues

Exponential-e, the Next-Generation-Network and applications provider has announced that it is supporting CCT Venues, a leading provider of venue facilities, with high-speed, fibre-based, business Internet. The 100Mbps solution is available at all of CCT Venues and has already secured additional business for the events company from delegates needing world-class conference facilities.

CCT Venues provides high-quality venues for a wide range of demanding corporate clients. Their assignments may be short courses or be complex training programmes lasting several months.

Pawan Shastri, Head of IT, at CCT Venues said “A large investment bank approached us to provide facilities for their Graduate training programme taking place over several months. Each delegate needed individual Internet access. They came to us because the venue they had been using could only provide 24Mbps on ADSL and the bank had been forced to revert to pen and paper for what was supposed to be an online exam”.

Exponential-e deployed its PowerNGN100 service to avoid such problems. CCT Venues benefit from 100mbps of high-speed symmetrical, uncontended Internet. Equipped with the service provider’s Route 1 sampling algorithm, the service constantly screens multiple tier 1 transit providers to select the optimum route across the Internet according to the best metrics for latency, packet loss and jitter. This is more sophisticated than that provided by standard BGP which only monitors the number of network hops to select an appropriate route.

Pawan Shastri went on to say “We had previously been considering a 10Mb SDSL connection. But for only an extra £150 per month we got an extra 90Mbps as well as the peace of mind that comes with delivery using fibre. Fibre connectivity meant we could avoid many of the performance issues associated with copper solutions such as DSL”.

PowerNGN is a stepping stone to converged networking for those customers who might wish to use this functionality. Customers can choose to divide the available bandwidth between a number of different services all supported from the same connection. A SIP trunk voice service could be bundled with managed security and perhaps dedicated connectivity to the customer’s Disaster Recovery centre. These additional services are bundled alongside 25, 50, 100 (and even 200) Mbps of business Internet which Exponential-e provides as standard. Each service is securely separated within the converged bundle and, if required, can carry its own quality of service criteria. CCT Venues have the option to consolidate their other networks and converge all their services onto their PowerNGN using the investment they have already made.

The new solution is supported by Exponential-e’s 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). CCT Venues get direct and round-the-clock access to Exponential-e’s engineers who can rectify any problems without delay. Shastri added “It is clear that Exponential-e are very proactive when it comes to looking after our network. I was also particularly impressed with the provisioning team who jumped through hoops to bring the installation forward.”

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