Exponential-e to help businesses curb illegal file sharing by employees

Exponential-e, the next-generation corporate networks and applications provider, has announced what they describe as a unique and highly-compelling evolution of their popular Business Internet portfolio. The new intelligent Internet solution will help businesses comply with strict new legislation passed in the last few days to prevent the downloading and sharing of illegal content. Exponential-e’s new business Internet solution enables customers to identify and control the different web-based applications it is being employed to support. Exponential-e has embedded the new capability within the actual product so that it is simple and cost-effective to deploy and eliminates the need for the customer to buy additional equipment or employ specialist resource.

The controversial Digital Economy Bill passed into law in the last few days. Its measures include the ability to disconnect illegal file-sharers from the web and the power for copyright holders to block access to websites hosting illegal content. 82% of IT managers say they had no idea about the type of applications running across their corporate Internet. Many companies ban access to some sites but have no real idea about the online activities of their employees. Given most companies offer far higher download speeds than the employee can get at home, some will even only indulge in such illegal activity at work.

Lee Wade, Managing Director, Exponential-e said: “A3’s low monthly cost and the fact that clients don’t need any hardware makes it ideal for the mass market. A3 means businesses can see exactly what Internet traffic they have and lets them get rid of the rogue stuff whilst guaranteeing the performance of the good bits. A3 should be considered as the antidote to the Digital Economy Bill and partner for supporting SaaS”.

The new application-policing capability is part of a new solution launched by Exponential-e called “A3”. An industry first, A3 recognises the complexity of today’s networks. With more and more applications playing an integral role to the success of an organisation, a finer level of filtering, reporting and management is now needed. By actively interrogating and investigating the application layer, A3 provides detailed reports into specific applications and their behaviour. Customers can generate their own inventories showing what business applications are traversing their network together with their performance and behavioural information. They can measure the volume of traffic being generated as a result of each application and can set up usage thresholds which alert when the threshold is exceeded.

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