Extendable Telecom Services for VoLTE

Telecoms software innovator OpenCloud has announced the forthcoming launch of Rhino Sentinel Voice over LTE (VoLTE), the next addition to OpenCloud’s portfolio of telecom service layer solutions.

OpenCloud launched Rhino Sentinel 12-months ago to facilitate the rapid and cost effective development and extension of differentiated telecom services for existing legacy and IP network elements. Rhino Sentinel VoLTE extends these benefits to network operators preparing to launch their VoLTE services.

Jonathan Bell, OpenCloud’s VP Product Marketing said: “Call control services and service continuity are the base functions delivered by Rhino Sentinel VoLTE, and they follow the 3PGG standards. However, if all you do is follow the standards then all you get is commodity services. To win and retain market share against over-the-top (OTT) competitors and other mobile operators requires more. OpenCloud enables the independent, competitive service differentiation that operators need to be able to go beyond the ‘plain vanilla’ standards.”

Traditional telecoms equipment is closed and proprietary, so only the equipment manufacturer can change the function it performs, making innovation and operator-defined differentiation impractically expensive and slow. OpenCloud’s mission is to enable telecoms operators to break free from those restrictions. All of OpenCloud’s products are open so that the network operator and their chosen third party developers can enhance the telecom services hosted on the platform, and they can create entirely new services.

Rhino Sentinel VoLTE delivers the multi-media telephony (MMTel) applications required to provide call control and supplementary services for VoLTE. It also includes the service centralisation and continuity functions (SCC) which provides network-based circuit-switched hand-over to the 2/3G network when there is inadequate LTE radio coverage. The applications, and the Rhino platform on which they execute, are open, enabling existing services to be customised and extended, and new services to be developed cost-effectively.

“Adopting an open solution for VoLTE enables our customers to break free from dependence on individual equipment vendors,” says Bell. “With a free-market ecosystem of thousands of developers, our customers have a competitive supply of innovative development resources. OpenCloud’s open telecom solutions have already successfully delivered benefits in multiple SS7 and SIP deployments around the world and our latest product venture will do the same for VoLTE.”

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