Extensible Solutions Continue to Garner Attention

Aculab says that while practically every business understands the profound productivity and efficiency benefits associated with IP Telephony, the economic reality is that very few customers today are willing to make the capital investment to forklift out perfectly functional infrastructure and supplant it with a full VoIP solution.

Business that have been able to survive the recent economic downturn are finding that it makes much more economic sense to integrate advanced communications technologies like Voice over IP, unified communications, mobility, and other tools into their legacy infrastructure.

This concept, known as “extensibility,” is gaining a great deal of traction in the market. It provides a much more cost-effective alternative to the expensive and disruptive “rip and replace” strategies that are actively promoted by many providers. The extensible approach allows the business to deploy IP-based tools and applications where they need it, allowing them to preserve capital, while avoiding cumbersome and costly disruptions in their networks.

Aculab’s ApplianX solutions have been well-received by both resellers and businesses for their ability to cost-effectively bridge IP and legacy communications technology. A family of single-purpose gateways, ApplianX products are easy-to-configure, cost-effective, and support a wide range of SIP and TDM protocols that results in a seamless integration of IP and legacy voice transport. The ApplianX IP Gateway can fully support next generation solutions like unified communications and other advanced IP services, giving businesses the ability to cost-effectively leverage these solutions within a legacy environment. The ApplianX DPNSS-to-Q.SIG Gateway handles the conversion between DPNSS and Q.SIG protocols, allowing for a transparent integration of DPNSS-based PBXs and IP networks.”

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