Exertis Sign Exclusive Deal in Wearables Market

Exertis has announced it is the exclusive UK launch partner for Epson’s new health and fitness products, Runsense GPS sports monitors, and Pulsense heart rate and activity monitors.

GFK recently announced that 420,000 smart wearable devices with a total value of £51 million were sold in the UK between January and September this year. Additionally, 47% of those questioned stated that they would rather buy an activity tracker from a renowned technology company than a fashion brand.

Bringing more than 20 years of Epson sensing expertise to the wearable technology industry, its two device ranges, have been developed to be intelligent, accurate and power efficient technology that fit in with active lifestyles.

Tim Bedward, Business Development Manager at Epson, stated: “Wearables have been one of the hot topics of the consumer electronics industry for some time and consumers are increasingly demanding products that they can wear to enhance their everyday lives. It is important that Epson innovates and moves with these exciting times. Devices that monitor a person’s activity are growing in popularity and we see great future potential in this market. We have chosen Exertis to help us bring these devices to market in the UK.”

Pulsense, a range that includes a heart rate and activity monitor smartwatch and health band, allow users to track their fitness with every heartbeat as these devices follow user’s pulse and activity, and set achievable goals that fit around their lifestyle.

Joe Officer, Head of Attach at Exertis, commented: “Epson is a technology company with decades of experience at the coal face of innovation, Pulsense and Runsense mark its latest building block on that foundation of expertise. We are very pleased to be bringing Epson into the UK market.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine