Extreme Networks Boosts Security for Converged Voice and Data Networks

Extreme Networks has announced enhancements to its network solutions that provide behaviour-based rules to protect IP Telephony and VoIP traffic. These security rules help mitigate the threat of malicious users and hackers who are actively trying to exploit vulnerabilities and breach the IP communications network. Based on these rules, users or devices that demonstrate destructive behaviour when entering the network can rapidly be addressed to preserve the quality of voice communications.

“The amount of voice traffic carried on the converged network is expanding as is the risk exposure to threats,” says Extreme Networks VP and general manager for the Emerging Product Group, Suresh Gopalakrishnan. “The IP Telephony equipment suppliers have done their part to secure communications but behaviour of users and malicious applications on the network edge can still impact VoIP performance. Extreme Networks has added behaviour-based rules to our Sentriant security appliance to help negate these vulnerabilities and make converged networks stable, secure and reliable.”

Extreme Networks, an Avaya Global Alliance Partner, is adding IP Telephony security rules that focus protection around voice traffic traversing a unified communications network. A packaged set of rules is available now for Extreme Networks Sentriant security appliance. These rules help to simplify management tasks and better protect VoIP gateways, SIP servers and VoIP phones.

“Clearly, the innovative security rules from Extreme Networks are designed to further enhance converged solutions and deliver better voice quality in a unified communications environment,” adds Avaya VP of Developer Relations and Technical Alliances, Eric Rossman. “Protecting converged communications and improving the voice application is key in providing high quality converged communications to businesses.”

Extreme Networks VoIP security rules take into account traditional traffic patterns occurring between IP phones and call servers, with protection mechanisms that automatically trigger if a significant amount of traffic anomalies are seen.

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