Fake HMRC raid foiled at dealership

Quick thinking boys at Bulk GSM foil a gang of organised criminals who gained access to the premises dressed as police and claiming to be Customs Officers.

Last Wednesday night at approximately 20:45 three men gained access to the premises in North London. The men, all of stocky build were wearing high visibility jackets with police lettered on the front and back, black police caps, utility belts with handcuff and carrying batons and truncheons.

The first man claimed to be a Customs Officer and proceeded to handcuff a confused visiting foreign official whilst his two accomplices searched the building in an attempt to round up and detain any other people in the building.

The second man went to detain an engineer working in the technical department whilst the third proceeded upstairs to search the offices. He was promptly confronted by Sam at Bulk (Director of Sales), who asked him to produce a warrant card or some form of identification. The man claimed his paperwork was in the car and that he should follow him downstairs where the documents would be shown to him.

When Sam got downstairs he noticed all three men were wearing what could be best described as fake tan and that they had cuffed a visiting foreign national. Beginning to suspect something was very wrong he casually maneuvered through the intruders as they attempted to subdue the group and tripped the panic alarm.

One of the men saw the alarm being activated and asked Sam “what did you just do?” to which he replied, “Pressed the alarm to call the police.” When asked why he had activated the panic alarm, he simply replied “Well if you’re who you say you are then you’re not going to mind when the real police turn up, are you?” Realising they had been rumbled, the three men made a hasty exit.

The getaway vehicle was later recovered by police. CCTV footage has revealed a white Mercedes Vito Van and a 7.5 ton truck. These criminals were well prepared and ready to clear out the warehouse. The police are conducting a full investigation and have reason to believe there may have been other vehicles involved. The entire incident took place in under two minutes.

Director of Bulk GSM, Imran Hasan said: “We had a small team working late to meet a software customisation request for 3,000 blackberry handsets for a European Network. I am grateful no one was hurt in the incident and applaud Sam’s quick thinking. He saved everyone from what could have been a truly harrowing experience. Whilst its business as usual back at Bulk, I will be undertaking a full review of our security procedures.”

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