Fastest Business Broadband in the UK?

After almost of a year of testing and investment, Cheshire based telecoms supplier Least Cost Telecom (LCT) is now offering businesses a 24Mb broadband service.

The company says the service will be particularly helpful for those organisations who handle large files such as multimedia projects, or who transfer large quantities of data between offices. The service will be available from early April 2008.

Broadband performance is determined by several factors. The distance from the local telephone exchange, the contention ratio of the ADSL connection and most importantly the help and support available to users. As a rule of thumb, if you are currently on a ‘Max Service’, you will double the download speed whilst improving the upload speed by 5 to 10 times depending on the variant chosen.

LCT will offer the new package with two upload speed options, 1.3Mb and 2.5Mb and a guaranteed contention ratio of only 20:1 (typical domestic packages may have ratios as high as 100:1).

The price for an upload rate of 1.3Mb will be £30 a month with 2.5Mb upload costing £40 a month. Set up time for those looking to switch to the new service, will be 1 week from their broadband request being processed.

Other features of the package offered by LCT, will also reflect the ethos of no contractual tie-ins and a just a 21 day cancellation notice.

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