FatPipe Networks Partners with Horizon Solutions

Horizon Solutions, the Unified Communications Division of Horizon UK, has announced that it has been appointed as a premier distributor of FatPipe Networks’ router-clustering products. FatPipe Networks is the inventor and multiple patent holders of unique WAN optimisation redundancy and security products.

Horizon Solutions specialises in creating markets for technologies in the early adoption phases and provides unique integration support for the growing Unified Communications (UC) technologies channel. Horizon is focused on working with IP based communications networks that integrate Voice over IP (VoIP) and video over IP with data networks to create robust and more efficient business communication tools.

FatPipe and Horizon have joined in partnership specifically to support the WAN reliability needs of the growing market of collaboration platforms that integrate various media for business. FatPipe is an important value-add solution to Horizon’s standard collaborative solution packages, providing a means to create fast and highly redundant WANs easily and effectively at the customer premises. FatPipe’s patented router-clustering devices combines two or more data lines of any kind – including DSL, Cable, E1, E3, and wireless – to achieve the aggregate speed of the connections and provide the highest level of reliability and fault tolerance for any type of Wide Area Network. The aggregated lines can be of the same or dissimilar speeds (e.g., an ADSL line combined with an E1 connection).

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