FCS Reviews Mobile Communications

The Federation of Communication Services (FCS) has announced a review of the code of practice for installation of mobile equipment in vehicles- MPT 1362

“Cars, vans and lorries are becoming communications consoles on wheels with an ever increasing variety of radio comms devices being installed to help drivers or for vehicle tracking”, says Stewart Gent, co-chairman of the FCS Mobile Equipment Installers Group.

“Industry best practice has to keep up to date with the fast pace of change in wireless devices, accessories and vehicle design. Today we are announcing a review of the industry code for installation of these devices in vehicles. The installers “bible”, MPT 1362, sets out best practice for installing mobile phones, two way radio, telematics, sat nav and other communications devices. We have initiated this review to make sure that we capture this pace of change and share it across the installation and product community. This review will expand those elements associated with vehicle and asset tracking that are becoming a central feature of vehicle use today.

“The Mobile Equipment Installers Group are pleased that Olly Wheaton has agreed to chair the review committee. Olly has considerable experience with drafting codes of practice in the UK, where he previously worked for the spectrum regulator, and in the international arena in ETSI.

“We are inviting installers, fleet managers, vehicle, accessories and mobile equipment manufacturers to participate in this review.”

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