FCS Sets up Number Portability Working Group

With the announcement of the requirement to establish a common database for routing calls to ported numbers made by Ofcom today, FCS has responded by setting up a Working Group encompassing members that have an interest in number porting whether they deliver fixed, IP, mobile, or WiFi services. The aim of the group will be to engage with the independent project management team which is being appointed by Ofcom to ensure industry co-operation and agreement on relevant technical, commercial and governance issues.

The working group will develop and input its views on the implementation and development of the new number porting database.

Jacqui Brookes, FCS CEO says: “The ease of migration of customers between communications providers is central to an effective liberalised communications market, where the UK leads in Europe. Number portability is an important component of the migration process and we welcome the announcement by Ofcom today to significantly improve the process. It is crucial that the smaller companies and new entrants to the communications market play their part in developing and using the new database.

Not everyone will be able to sit round the top table within the new governance structure, but FCS, by setting up the Number Portability Working Group, will provide a conduit for their voice to be heard. Number portability is an initial phase in improving the numbering regime in the UK and we look forward to improvements in number build and porting between providers irrespective of technology.”

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