Fed up of Flip Flopping?

Dave Breith, CEO of O-bit Telecom, has spoken out on the recent Mobile Interconnect Changes called “Flip Flopping”

“Is it me or has everyone just had all they can take with the mobile operators changing their tariffs every single month? How does a fixed line company know where they stand from month to month and how does the end-user know what surprises they’ll be getting with each new bill?

“Do Ofcom and the mobile networks think fixed-line resellers can change their tariffs to end-users every single month, just to allow the mobile networks to do the same in order to line their own pockets? The mobile networks are also using the rate increases to sell against fixed-line resellers. I had a call from O2 a couple of weeks ago stating that mobile fixed line charges were increasing, and that if I switched my fixed-line telecoms to O2 they would give me calls to O2 numbers for free.

“The biggest joke of all is Ofcom’s attitude toward this situation in allowing it to continue. I fully understand that Ofcom have guidelines on these issues, but seeing as this is such a serious matter I think it is not unreasonable to ask them to act quickly as delays are only giving mobile networks unfair competition within the fixed-line sector.

“I can’t think of a logical reason why Ofcom continues to allow this to happen and doesn’t act quickly to rectify the problem.”

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