FibreFab announces a new 1U high density pivot panel

FibreFab announces a new, high density pivot panel, built to a highly practical, unique new design that allows an engineer to work on the fibres inside with little disturbance to the cables and fibres already installed.

The new pivot panel holds 24 x SC Simplex footprint adaptors in each of two ½ U trays. Each of these trays can be opened up to 116 degrees, to give easy access during installation and maintenance. This pivoting design means there is less chance of disturbing the fibres inside.

The unit can be made to pivot on the left or on the right, so it is easy to enter cables from either side.

The adaptors are angled to reduce the loss of signal from bending and a 30mm bend radius is maintained throughout. Each port is individually labelled and the design provides fully integrated fibre management and a single layer interleaved splicing area. Each tray has individual cable tie and strength member tie points and a PG13.5 gland entry point.

FibreFab has designed the panel to have 24 interleaved fibres laid next to each other in each tray. The engineer can move each individual fibre without interfering with the adjacent link therefore minimising the movement and potential flexing of fibres that could lead to signal loss or attenuation on live circuits.

With energy efficiency and environmental impact becoming critical for datacentres, FibreFab has addressed cooling and humidity in the design of the panel. The unit has ventilation tracts which allow air to move freely inside the panel to give the “high flow” cooling required for active equipment and efficient use of air conditioning.

The increased air flow helps to dissipate moisture, which will be an advantage for outside plant without cooling equipment, such as street cabinets.

The unit is RoHS, REACH, SvHC and UL rated and comes in standard colours and standard packaging.

FibreFab is offering the High Density Pivot Panel for outside plant, Optical Distribution Framework (ODF), customer premises equipment (CPE) and other critical WAN and LAN applications. Its design enables easy re-entry and easy re-working, to protect the investment in fibres for the long term.

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