FibreFab announces a new, high density modular panel

FibreFab, manufacturer of fibre optic and networking components, has announced a high density modular panel for data centres. An entirely new design, it is scalable to 120 LC connectors in a 1U, 19 inch format.

FibreFab has engineered this panel with a novel design where each individual cassette can be inserted and removed from either the front or the rear, which will save time on assembly and make this unit popular with installers. FibreFab supplies pre-terminated multi-fibre cables so you can literally plug in and turn on the network.

The connections are arranged in five separate modules each holding up to 24 fibres, most standard connector types are available, or 144 fibres (MTP) which can connect to MTP trunk cables or pre-terminated assemblies. Mixed module types can be installed together in one panel.

The company provides several options for the other end, which can be un-terminated, another module, ruggedized tails for connection to equipment or 900µm tails for connection to standard patch panels.

A retro-fit management bar manages cable entry and allows connections to be inserted from the left or the right hand side and a retrofit bracket manages exiting patch cords, so that they can be routed neatly in any direction.

Each module has its own labelling card to ensure that every channel can be correctly identified and the high density modular panel is available now from their distributors.

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