chooses Slough as World Cup Host, the world’s official football website, today announced the tech spec for its server farm in Slough to house its 75 super computers to support a massive 70,000,000 page views per hour during the World Cup. is expected to serve over 5.5 billion page views to fans over the 2010 World Cup, compared to the 4.2 billion recorded in 2006.

Over the past four years the world has acquired an appetite for online video, which will satisfy with the help of two petabytes (2,000 gigabytes) of video streaming bandwidth. To put the statistic into context, the CGI extravaganza Avatar required just one petabyte of local storage to render its spectacular 3D effects.

Matt Stone, Head of New Media at FIFA, commented: “The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa brings people from all over the world together with one common passion: to celebrate the beautiful game, non-stop, for a whole month. This is the first social media World Cup, where ordinary fans can become instant pundits from their living rooms. As the most popular sports event site in the world, will provide the authoritative content to bring the online football community together.”

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