Fingers Crossed – Avaya Hands Over to FIFA

When the sporting world’s largest converged voice and data network is turned over to the FIFA this week for the launch of the FIFA World Cup 2006, it will feature a range of new Intelligent Communication capabilities from Avaya and its developer community — from an innovative new application for security screening to a consolidated dialing directory for the 100,000 individuals and organisations supporting the event.

Avaya Official Convergence Communication provider for the FIFA World Cup 2006, which is the largest sporting event on the planet.

The Avaya network for FIFA connects 12 host stadia, the media centers in all stadia and FIFA headquarters in Berlin. With an estimated 45,000 network connections, 30,000 network devices and support for more than 15 terabytes of data, it is the largest converged communication network ever built for a sporting event.

To raise the bar and extend the capabilities available to FIFA for the 2006 games, Avaya turned to members of its DeveloperConnection program, an initiative to promote the development, compliance testing and co-marketing of innovative third-party systems and applications that interoperate with standards-based Avaya technology.

The eight member companies playing a critical role in the FIFA World Cup 2006 network include: Aimetis Corp., Citrix Systems, Extreme Networks, Firetide, Juniper Networks, MTS, MultiTech Systems and Polycom. Among the capabilities the companies enable are:

Citrix Systems will deliver smartphone applications to each fixed and mobile IP phone on the FIFA network. An Express Directory expedites dialing by placing a consolidated directory of 100,000 personnel from multiple organisations at the fingertips of each user. In addition, Citrix enables FIFA to push score updates and other Web-based information to IP screenphones.

Polycom extends the collaborative capabilities of the FIFA network with group video devices that use the converged network to connect FIFA offices in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. The devices which interoperate with Avaya desktop video systems distributed throughout the World Cup venue that also incorporate Polycom technology, will be used by FIFA for daily operations meetings during the tournament.
will be instrumental in player and journalist accreditation, results reporting, material tracking, accommodation confirmations, transportation, ticketing and other critical functions.

“Football fans know that being the best requires extraordinary teamwork, commitment and experience,” said Eric Rossman, vice president, developer relations and technical alliances, Avaya. “Avaya looked for those same winning qualities in building its own FIFA World Cup team. By bringing members of our Avaya DeveloperConnection program aboard, we were able to design a seamless, integrated solution for FIFA that enables new possibilities and helps the organisation get more out of its communications infrastructure.”

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