First Customers Now Live on BT / TeleWare Mobile Device Recording Service

TeleWare has announced that, by working with BT, it has already helped investment, wholesale and retail banks as well as insurers meet the new Financial Services Authority (FSA) mobile call recording regulations effective 14 November, 2011. These customers are now benefiting from successful deployment of a network-based recording service for mobile devices.

“One of the key features of the BT / TeleWare Mobile call recording solution is speed of deployment without disruption to the workplace,” explains Steve Haworth, CEO, TeleWare Plc. “Based on the first batch of customers, a complete trading unit is typically taking only hours to go live, once numbers are ported. More importantly, there is zero down time for any staff and no user training is required,” adds Haworth.

“We have successfully integrated the solution in environments that have a mix of Blackberry, Android and iPhone users without any technical issues,” explains Andy Nicholson, president, global banking & financial services at BT, “and there are a number of organisations that are in the final stages of switching over to the service. Feedback from customers who have taken up the BT / TeleWare solution has been extremely positive. They love the fact that it works first time, is easy to implement and involves no call delays. The user’s experience remains unchanged,” adds Nicholson.

The latest customer to adopt the BT / TeleWare Mobile call recording is a London based financial services organisation with over 200 users. The migration project, which was carried out by BT, has helped the firm meet its compliance requirements in a single morning.

The managed service records and stores mobile voice and SMS (short message service) traffic with no impact on the user call experience and without limiting the mobile’s functionality. It can support any GCF (Global Certification Forum) certified mobile handset or operating system. Calls and texts to and from mobile phones are routed through, and recorded in, the BT / TeleWare cloud-based network service. As there is no need for any software to be installed on the mobile device, delays in call connections and potential circumvention of recordings are avoided.

The recording capability is easy to install, needing just a simple change of SIM (subscriber identification module) to a TeleWare SIM, to make the service instantly available. Compliance officers can use BT’s secure, cloud-based delivery service and web interface to store, search and retrieve recorded calls rapidly.

“Some organisations may have been reluctant to deploy mobile recording services for fear of disruption. We urge them to engage with us so we can help them define a strategy that will allow a quick, easy and seamless transition and help them meet the regulatory obligations,” Nicholson added.

TeleWare / BT are currently obtaining permission to disclose the names of customers using the service and further announcements will be coming forthwith.

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