First Mile to Drive Business Efficiency in the West Midlands

Voice and data communications provider Entanet is taking steps to deliver innovative, uncontended business connectivity solutions to organisations in the West Midlands. The company is adding additional services in key exchanges around Birmingham and Wolverhampton to provide high speed dedicated connections for companies that depend on their links to the web to run their business.

As part of the upgrade of its national network in preparation for the rollout of BT’s 21st Century Network, Entanet is making significant investments to provide ‘Ethernet First Mile’ services at speeds of up to 100Mbps by using multiple unbundled copper lines from Openreach. By providing higher speeds the new service will enable businesses to set up fast, reliable and affordable connections between different locations and reduce their overall costs, says James Blessing, Chief Operating Officer at Entanet.

“For businesses whose operations are heavily dependent on reliable connectivity between central and regional offices, uncontended connectivity solutions make commercial and technical common sense. They make the network a reliable platform for run critical business applications such as Citrix, terminal services and voice over IP and provide continuous and fast Internet access.”

Most organisations are unable to run Internet connections at such high speeds due to the limitations in the ability of standard copper-based lines to carry data over distance. By using multiple copper lines to link the customer’s sites with its own nationwide network, Entanet is able to increase throughput and overcome the problems normally associated with transmitting signals over the ‘first mile’ between a customer’s location and the exchange. Entanet is then able to use its existing fibre-based metropolitan Ethernet solutions to provide connectivity right across the UK.

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