Fixed Cellular Terminals Benefit Hosted VoIP Customers

The best profit opportunity for resellers of Fixed Cellular Terminals is the growth in hosted VoIP networks, according to the leading UK supplier of FCTs, Wavelink Communications. The announcement comes as Wavelink markets a new product – Voice Blue Enterprise – which is aimed at providing GSM integration into VoIP environments.

Voice Blue Enterprise (VBE) is one of a range of VoIP to GSM products which includes entry level Voice Blue Lite, a 2 or 4 GSM port SIP to GSM terminal that reduces costs for single site IPT customers with low to medium volume of GSM calls. VBE will work in SIP and H323 environments providing significant cost savings to clients who have GSM call volumes from 2,000 to 6,000 minutes per month per site.

Managing Director David Brown says “Although everyone acknowledges Wavelink as the leading supplier of FCT’s we cannot afford to sit on our laurels. Everyone knows that the take up of IP Telephony is accelerating and we want our resellers to be able to benefit from this.

“Voice Blue Enterprise (VBE) will work with virtually all IP telephony platforms both hosted & CPE and provides clients with fantastic cost savings. We already have Voice Blue Enterprise working in multi-site Cisco hosted IPT environments and the feedback is very encouraging. If we want to we can get really clever as the product can be licensed as a GPRS Internet Gateway, it also has an integrated SMS server and can perform basic IP Telephony functions via a SIP Proxy Server. Whilst this sounds complicated, it really comes down to the fact that it makes a great disaster recovery platform for hosted IPT clients.”

Combined with potential for significant cost savings, the product’s role in disaster recovery is a great selling point. If service is lost VBE enables access the internet and data networks as well as the ability to make & receive telephone calls during down time.

David Brown concludes: “What makes VBE an even more attractive offering to the IPT resellers is the fact that Wavelink’s GSM SIM connection bonus’s in most cases outweigh the cost of Voice Blue FCT’s so it becomes a commercial no-brainer for reseller & customers alike.

“We are already fielding enquiries from providers & resellers of hosted IPT services and I really do see this market giving FCT sales a significant boost over the next 18 months.”

Voice Blue Enterprise has been launched by Wavelink’s supplier 2N Telecommunications. Existing 2N FCT’s BlueStar & Stargate, the medium to high volume products are now available with SIP connectivity as an alternative to PRI. A combined PRI & SIP to GSM Gateway is expected shortly that will allow traditional telephony users to access GSM & IP networks from the same integrated device.

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