Fixed Mobile Integration (FMI) Matures to Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)

TeleWare has announced the immediate availability of a mobile client application. This will allow mobile phone users to access TeleWare telephony applications, such as call recording and conferencing, as well as providing common PBX functionality, such as call hold and transfer, from their mobile phone menu.

Fixed Mobile Integration is not new to TeleWare. Since 1996, they have delivered an integrated solution providing virtual PBX capabilities and provided customers with access to the same business telephony applications from a mobile as they have from their desktop phone. This latest enhancement moves this solution from Fixed Mobile Integration to a fully fledged Fixed Mobile Convergence solution.

“The mobile client provides an interface on the mobile. There is no need to remember which buttons to press for a service or to access the TeleWare server to use these services,” explained Steve Haworth, TeleWare Group CEO. “As a fully converged solution, they are provided on a client as menu items on the mobile phone,” added Haworth.

The mobile client application will operate on a wide range of mobile handsets, including the S60 (V3.x and all subsequent versions), Windows Mobile (Versions 5 & 6) and Symbian UIQ.

Initial tested and supported handsets cover these three phone operation systems and are v3.x of Nokia E65, E61i, N95, and 5500, HTC S730, HTC TyTn II, HP iPAQ6190, Treo 750 and the Sony Ericsson P1. Other existing and new handsets will be conformance tested for inclusion on the list of supported handsets.

The mobile client is available for use by existing TeleWare intelligent Office/intelligent Number users.

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