Flexibility Key to Success in the Inbound Call Services Market, says Kcom

Kcom, part of the KCOM Group, predicts that communications providers failing to offer bespoke inbound call solutions will fall behind in the market. Competitive differentiation is now achieved by having the ability to develop unique solutions, tailored to the demands of each customer.

These services are increasingly dependent on the availability of flexible application programming interfaces (APIs), which allow complex provisioning and allocations to be completed quickly and easily.

Since it introduced its Advanced Services Portal in August 2008, Kcom has ensured that providers, such as Windsor Telecom, have access to this capability. To remain competitive, businesses today need greater freedom to handle multiple inbound services with the ability to make real-time change, whether performing updates to inbound numbers or enabling customers to access and change their own number ranges. Under Kcom’s API model, each partner can integrate their own portal platform directly into the Kcom network so that they can build services to their own specific needs.

“Our competitive advantage comes from our flexibility and commitment to meeting the needs of our customers. As a result, we’re one of the leading inbound voice specialists in the UK” commented Neil Sherring, CEO & Marketing Director at Windsor Telecom. “Kcom’s API solution was the first on the market that provided us with the flexibility to design services specifically tailored to our customers’ requirements. This has made a significant difference to our business.”
Iain Shearman, Sales Director, Partner Services at Kcom, sees this as an exciting time for the market: “We believe that if a company requires a specific service, they should have the freedom and capability to develop it. This is what will make them stand out from their competitors and win them new customers.”

He added: “Kcom’s API interface has been used over the last 18 months by truly innovative providers such as Windsor. Kcom is removing barriers from the market that previously prevented businesses from exploring all the exciting ideas they had for new competitive services. Now these providers can build the exact solution to suit them and their customers.”

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