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FluidOne brings customers UC with 8×8

FluidOne has announced the launch of their 8×8 cloud UC solution. Utilising Platform One, the solution offers geo-diverse interconnects that feed directly into 8×8, giving connectivity customers the highest call quality experience in the market.

FluidOne’s national fibre network, Platform One, interconnects the services of every leading cloud service, datacentre, mobile operator, broadband supplier, fixed line operator and telephony service provider into a common service network, creating a single platform of pre-integrated services, helping customers and partners to securely connect any device, wherever they may be, to their mission-critical applications and data.

Their new partnership with 8×8 routes customer calls via a fully resilient design and not over the internet, surpassing the levels of voice performance offered by suppliers who do route calls over the net. It also provides end-to-end QoS giving end customers a better experience and firmly cementing FluidOne as number one for quality in the industry.

The solution will also integrate with Microsoft Teams, giving users the most advanced contact centre and UC features in the market; at the same time unifying IM, video conferencing and conference calling.

FluidOne, under the wing of CEO, Russell Horton who leads the strategy, set a vision to be the best quality data connectivity provider to UK business, a vision he set out previously in an interview with Comms Business (see below). They have an ongoing programme to bring innovative solutions integrated with Platform One to market. Recent examples include hybrid SD-WAN, Layer 2 mobile connectivity, new SIP functionality and managed services. 8×8 is a perfect fit to FluidOne’s strategy.
Another exceptional feature of the solution includes the Contact Centre capabilities, which empowers workforces no matter where they are located, connects teams for better collaboration so they can deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and work smarter.

Russell Horton, CEO said; “In choosing a cloud UC vendor we carried out a rigorous selection process, assessing each provider on their merits, solution features and capabilities.

When I met with the directors at 8×8 it was apparent that they had a strong vision, their values and ethos were aligned with ours and they had a proven track record in bringing innovative UC products to market. Their vision, customer support, client engagement and solution capabilities stood out from others we engaged with, making them an obvious partner choice,”

Horton continues: “Our vision is to be the best quality data connectivity provider to UK business, which means any over-the-top services that we introduce should be of the highest quality and delivered by suppliers with a strong service ethos. Our extensive research of the UC market and comprehensive vendor selection allowed us to make an informed decision about partnering with 8×8.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine