FluidOne champions support for SMEs during crisis

The current levels of uncertainty that reside within the channel due to COVID-19 and all that is going on in order to control the spread are understandably having an effect on everyone. To try and ease the pressures this has caused, Fluidone were a part of an industry lobby group that applied pressure to influence the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), Ofcom and Openreach to provide support for SME businesses that have been most impacted by the crisis, and we are very pleased that Ofcom agreed and announced the first step in this with a soft cease process. This is currently cascading through the carriers and processes are now agreed with BTW, Virtual1, Sky and TTB making it great news for anyone with clients that wish to adopt soft ceases. It is great to see the channel suppliers coming together to create change to aid our partners and their end customers in this time of crisis.

A further boost to everyone has also been the re-introduction of Openreach engineer visits meaning new orders can now be booked. With this in mind FluidOne wanted to send out a message to afford some certainty that their channel team is fully up and running, each with their own way of setting up, but fully operational.

Lee Rossano told us “our portal DASH is available wherever you are and can be used for everything you need to get done. We are always working on developing new features that can help too, so make sure you are logging in regularly to see what is happening, and also feel free to feedback to your account manager if there is anything you would like to see in there.”

DASH is part of FluidOne’s big plans for this year and is going through constant developments as mentioned by Rossano above. Using a platform such as this is perfect for current times, and can be a real help in keeping everything moving as much as possible. The very nature of a portal such as this, being accessible from anywhere and increasing the self-sufficiency of partners seems as though it is going to increase in importance in times to come.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine