FMC is a Killer App when used with Skype

FMC is a killer application to help dealers, according to David Tang, VoSKY’s VP of global marketing, especially when done over over Skype. This kills international mobile roaming charges at a stroke – and mobile charges are over 80% of business comms costs.

This is done using Skype-enabled 3G mobile handsets, and PBX-to-Skype application gateways. The gateway centralises Skype provisioning and management, giving IT managers full control over its use.

With the Skype client installed on the mobile (which can be almost any smart phone), the Skype call is placed to the mobile via 3G using an unlimited data plan, and even when 3G services are not available, the mobile call can be done via SkypeOut from as little as 2 cents a minute – instead of a minimum 40p per minute. Tang says: “This enables businesses to slash their mobile call costs, and keep them low by centrally managing the Skype provisioning. It’s a real silver bullet solution, as dealers can easily show the savings by a simple comparison against the customer’s monthly mobile costs.”

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