Focus on NGN Value

Next Generation Networks have many advantages and resellers are embracing the IP centric environment. However resellers must remain focussed on the value NGNs bring to them and their customers. O-bit’s Sales & Marketing Director Elizabeth Sparrow discusses how resellers are benefiting from NGNs.

According to Sparrow it is important that resellers identify and understand the potential NGNs creates and a supplier’s NGN strategy can help resellers truly benefit.

“Our strategy is that ownership is key in terms of being able to manage and give a quality service to customers. As networks have developed and have moved onto 21CN there have been different solutions from different carriers. With management of our IP VPN environment we offer clients a choice which is unique in the wholesale space. O-bit made the decision a long time ago that we would be a network operator and set up our own broadband network. We have continuously upgraded and developed our network to be able to cater for our base. By having direct interconnects into our own network we manage the solution ourselves and can streamline the entire process from ordering, fault management, provisioning to go-live.”

It is important that resellers choose the right NGN operator as resellers can face challenges before, during and after migration. Sparrow suggests how these hurdles can be reduced.

“Why restrict your clients to one type of DSL when one solution may be too costly but another option may be cost competitive? O-bit is continuously developing its portfolio to make sure our partners have the choice. The key factor on how O-bit shapes its proposal to the market is to give resellers control over what they’re offering their clients. O-bit is fully interconnected with carriers so in terms of reporting, order provisioning and fault reporting these are all managed through one customer portal so resellers get consistent reports and SLAs. A massive benefit is O-bit’s broadband availability checker which provides the user with all of the services which are available for that telephone number entered with the bandwidth specifications.”

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