Foehn’s New Video Series

Independent managed communications provider, Foehn, has released a series of new videos (viewable on YouTube) designed to help businesses better understand the many facets of Open Source Communications.

Open Source has already become very popular among companies and other organisations such as charities and those in the public sector, and many are already aware of its benefits to their business operations.

However, some businesses remain oblivious to Open Source and others are only just waking up to the possibilities of non-proprietary IT and VoIP telephony routes for them such as Asterisk.

In a series of 11 new videos, Foehn’s experts outline Open Source, what it is, how it works, who is using it, the advantages it offers over proprietary software and systems, tips to consider when looking at Open Source for Communications and advice when looking at Open Source Telephony.

Two other videos produced by Foehn focus on how two companies – Theatre Sites and White Bros – undertook research to find Open Source Asterisk solutions for their businesses.

“Even for the most experienced IT managers, it can be daunting,” comments James Passingham, CEO of Foehn. “Most people know there are advantages and benefits to using open source, but they don’t necessarily know how to go about using open source communications for an IP telephony project. Like many technologies that eventually become mainstream, it isn’t important to have an in-depth knowledge, but it can be useful to have an overview of what it’s all about, how it’s different and how it can benefit your organisation.

“This is why we’ve produced this series of videos, to help people understand Open Source Communications without going too much into the technical aspects of it. Hopefully it will give them sufficient information to make up their own minds about whether or not it’s appropriate for their business.”

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David Dungay

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