Fone Logistics to host 3 Business event

Fone Logistics will be hosting a 3 Business event this month. Fone Logistics will be the first dealer to showcase three specific exciting updates from 3’s business offering.

The B2B event, sponsored by RIM, will be held at The Crowne Plaza in Nottingham on Tuesday 23 March and is open to all UK dealers, including those who have already connected 3 Business through Fone Logistics.

Firstly, the event will explore the launch of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BES) solution, its impact upon 3 and how it can be used to encourage and support resellers to partner with 3 and receive a full benefits support package.

In addition, the event will exclusively reveal enhancements to the 3 Business share plans. These are designed to expand the number of 3 Business promoters and to provide the necessary tools to encourage face to face sellers to join the 3 partnership.

Finally, Fone Logistics will be collaborating with INQ, 3’s own branded handset manufacturer, to unveil its latest devices, services and solutions.

Fone Logistics marketing director Julien Parven said: “This is an exclusive event to Fone Logistics. No other distributor has been engaged to participate so from a business perspective it is an excellent opportunity to grab some share from competitors as well as extend our relationship with some existing partners.

“We have worked with 3 in its Business to Business capacity since 2008 and have since successfully developed and grown its share in the SME market place. I am excited that Fone Logistics has been chosen to host the event. We are inviting the cream of the UK’s mobile dealers, who we hope will be in attendance, including BPD, Excell, One Point, About Comms 101 and Talk Fair,” continued Parven.

The main topic point will be around the launch of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, officially launched on 16 February, it is a new product that offers a low cost solution for businesses, with an existing Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server, to easily get started with the BlackBerry solution.

It provides advanced BlackBerry smartphone business features with no additional per user or software fees. BES Express is aimed at customers who require corporate mobile email from their Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server.

It can also be a lower cost alternative for businesses that want to securely manage BlackBerry smartphones that employees purchase and pay for, but use for work purposes.

3 Business account manager, Ken Baker, said: “We chose Fone Logistics to deliver and host this one-off event because they constantly prove themselves to be a top distributor, currently accounting for 40% of our indirect B2B sales. In 2009 their performance against target was above 200% and in September last year they recorded our first ever 2000 connection month.

“The main theme of the event will be to show dealers how they can partner with 3 Business to sell the new BES Express. To put it simply, BES Express delivers a version of BES functionality for customers with an Exchange email server without the need to purchase a BES exchange server or BES licences.”

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