Forging Partnerships

Last year Redcare Telecom became an accredited channel partner of 4Com. Now, with access to a number of exclusive services and continual support from the group, Redcare says it has dramatically changed the way they do business.

Michael Dixon, CEO of Redcare, commented: “It’s been a fantastic partnership because it has really implemented a process and structure into our business that wasn’t there before. It has really changed the way we operate and given us confidence to achieve what we want to achieve. It’s fantastic that we have ongoing support and we know that if we need it, we will get it. We can have as much or as little as we want and that goes through every part of the business.”

4Com, established in 1999, says it has become the only distributor in the UK to offer hardware, leasing, network services, recruitment and sales training to channel partners. The services, all under one roof, are a unique offering to the channel explained 4Com’s Managing Director Daron Hutt: “We knew no one else in the channel was offering this package so it’s really the first of its kind. We work closely with resellers all over the country to develop all aspects of their business. From offering heavily discounted product bundles to working with and training their sales staff. We work with them to push the business forward. We understand the relationship between finance and sales and our partnerships are built on shared objectives. The aim is to increase efficiency and profitability, which all of our partners have found.”

Redcare Telecom, based in Newbury, became an official partner of the group in March 2010 and has since been given access to all of 4Com’s resources. Roy Carter, CEO of 4Com Channel Partners, said: “We work with resellers to help them to grow their business, which is ultimately what everyone wants. Redcare have been an excellent partner. We speak to them very regularly and have worked closely with them in all aspects of the partnership. There is so much on offer, from the universal leasing doc to the technology bundles. Redcare have utilised all of this and I think the staff training has been a great aid. It has really worked for them because it has given their sales team more knowledge to up sell.”

The biggest transformation for the business, said Redcare’s Managing Director Claire Muir, is in leasing: “The most change has to be in our leasing figures. We’re really supported by the 4Com group which makes the leasing process quick and easy. We deal with the team regularly and they are all very helpful and knowledgeable. It’s a very speedy process. Before our leasing figures were around 40%. Now it’s around 90%. The universal leasing document on offer has made the entire process much more efficient and it means we’re not just doing cash deals anymore.”

As well as using the leasing and network services, Redcare says it has taken advantage of the heavily discounted product bundles available and have bought their equipment from 4Com. They have also utilised the training on offer by sending their staff to the 4Com Training Academy. Dixon said: “The access to the staff training has been fantastic especially the bundle training. It’s given us lots of ideas. The process has made everyone a lot more professional and focused on actually making money. We are now much more driven and business minded and I think that’s got a lot to do with the training and influence from 4Com. It’s better than any training we’ve ever had access to before.”

Muir added: “Being able to use the bundles has been a key factor in helping us secure sales. Before we were really selling on price but now we’re selling the solution. We’re focusing more on the features which has really helped our profit margins in deals.”

The partnership, formed almost a year ago, has been seamless from the outset. And becoming a partner and working alongside 4Com is a smooth and simple process explained Neil Moulton, Sales Director of 4Com Channel Partners: “We have no barrier to entry at all. We work on the basis that if we make it easy for resellers to work with us and provide good service, it’s beneficial for both parties.’

Although the partnership has been strategic in implementing growth within the business, Redcare remain in total control of their future. Muir said: “The support and relationship with the senior management team has been great. The reason it’s strong is because they recognise that this is still our business. All they are doing is helping us improve what we already do and how we function so ultimately we can make more money.’

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