Formicary Brings New Level of Real-Time Collaboration

Formicary Intelligent Collaboration Group, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a provider of real-time collaboration solutions, is adding a new dimension to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 which will transform how knowledge is gathered, accessed and shared in the information portal. Formicary WebChat for Microsoft SharePoint will bring real-time collaboration to the SharePoint environment by embedding the multi-party discussions of Persistent Group Chat into the portal, thereby strengthening SharePoint’s community element.

By its very nature, SharePoint is a web-based tool for sharing information, calendars and other related data between users in multiple locations. Meanwhile, Persistent Group Chat – one of the features of Microsoft Corp.’s unified communications platform, Microsoft Lync Server 2010 – can be a hotbed of timely, informal yet business-critical discussions as it allows users to have topic-based, multi-party conversations that persist over time.

Using Persistent Group Chat with SharePoint will combine the best of both worlds – providing context for the Chat discussions while bringing additional relevant and worthwhile content into SharePoint. This will ultimately encourage users to view the SharePoint environment as the ‘go-to’ portal for timely information and increase its value for the business further.

Developed in partnership with Redburn Partners, one of the largest independent pan-European institutional equities brokers, Formicary WebChat for SharePoint will automatically expose Persistent Group Chat discussions when SharePoint is accessed. This will enable users to join conversations, share information and contribute content to SharePoint without having to switch between clients.

Commenting on the impact Formicary WebChat has had on his organisation, Peter Culver, IT Manager, Redburn Partners says, “Formicary WebChat for SharePoint has added integrity to our SharePoint. Without it, we felt that we were scraping the surface of what SharePoint is really capable of. Now our teams are sharing ideas and calling on information like never before. Our sales teams and analysts are able to work more cohesively, quickly and effectively, ensuring maximum value for our clients.”

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