France’s Completel selects Alcatel-Lucent’s 100G optical solution

Alcatel-Lucent announced that it has been selected by Completel to undertake a major upgrade of its backbone communications network.

Completel will deploy Alcatel-Lucent’s 100 Gigabit per second (100G) optical technology on new and existing routes to boost network capacity and performance. Completel, a leader in Very high speed services, is the first fibre network operator for enterprises and the third fixed service provider in France.

Using Alcatel-Lucent’s 100G optical solution, Completel will be able to meet the explosive growth of bandwidth-intensive applications such as videoconferencing, image transfers, high-definition videos and collaborative tools while providing its customers with more reliable high-speed solutions. Completel will also be in a position to minimize total cost of ownership and power consumption, as well as to optimize operations.

“With the popularity of videoconferencing, enterprise customers expect that the solutions offered can bring greater quality, speed and reliability,” said Thierry Podolak, chief executive officer for Completel. “Alcatel-Lucent’s 100G solution will help us keep our leading position in France’s Very high-speed market and meet our customers’ growing demands.”

“Our Converged Backbone Transformation (CBT) offering is a key pillar of our High Leverage Network™ architecture. It will allow Completel to benefit from optimal capacity and the lowest cost per bit while providing a platform to launch and support new innovative services,” said Pascal Homsy, chairman and CEO of Alcatel-Lucent France.

Alcatel-Lucent’s 100G solution is part of its Converged Backbone Transformation (CBT) approach which integrates IP and optical transport technologies. It is based on Alcatel-Lucent’s 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) that leverages future-proof coherent technology to allow real-time provisioning of advanced multimedia services. Alcatel-Lucent will also provide Completel with technical supervision and training services.

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