Expands Network by 400% in 2007, the provider of free Wi-Fi HotSpots, announced that their network quadrupled in size during 2007, from 600 to 2400 HotSpots located in 18 countries across Europe.

The free Wi-Fi boom took place in all areas, according to Joe Brunoli, the company’s Vice President of Business Development. “ has expanded into both geographic and vertical markets,” he explained. “We are now one of the largest Wi-Fi providers – paid or free – in Eastern Europe, even while we continue to expand our footprint in the Western European markets.” He added: “We are also moving into more and more “non-traditional” markets for Wi-Fi, such as hair salons, auto dealerships, campgrounds and retail outlets.”’s UK HotSpot figures rose some 154% in 2007, with 120 new HotSpots installed, reflecting the booming demand for free Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants and other such locations throughout the country.

A major driver of the company’s growth was the adoption of’s Wi-Fi solution by chains of hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues. “Larger organisations want to work with a market leader who can also add value,” Brunoli said. “We can not only deliver pan-European installation, support and maintenance, but also offer highly effective promotional and brand-building opportunities using our EDGE Wi-Fi messaging system,” he stated. “This unique value proposition will allow us to work with even more national, pan-European and global brands in the coming year.”

Brunoli concluded by saying that the company expects to have over 5000 HotSpots installed by the end of 2008.

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