Free Installation On Demon Premier Broadband

THUS has announced it is offering customers free installation on its Demon Premier Broadband products, a range of high quality connectivity solutions which deliver, even at periods of peak traffic.

Hidden behind low cost headline prices, there is often a string of additional charges meaning that the promised ‘low cost’ broadband package isn’t quite as good value, particularly if it is failing to deliver the service speeds promised. Bucking this trend is THUS which offers a range of high performance ADSL and SDSL options, through its Demon brand, with a choice of low contended or dedicated service – meaning customers get a service tailored to their business needs.

Many small and medium sized companies are increasingly reliant on their internet connection, and the applications it enables (email, web sites and remote working) to efficiently run their business. Offering a service with a level of performance customers actually get provides an extra level of confidence that business users need. THUS is offering free installation worth up to £250 on its Demon Premier Broadband range meaning that all new customers will pay is the flat monthly fee.

Nigel Stevens, Product Director at THUS commented: “For business broadband users, any decision cannot be just about price, it needs to be about value. Demon Premier Broadband services offer great value whether it is low or no contention, ADSL or SDSL, and getting the level of service you are paying for, backed up by stringent standards of service and 24×7 support, makes it the right solution for any business. Free installation will allow more people to discover our Premier Broadband offering and further cement our reputation as an innovative, business focussed ISP.”

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