Freedom to Breakaway

Watford based reseller Freedom Communications seem to be intent on breaking away from their ‘Alcatel Only’ heritage. The company took over Leeds reseller TTC last November and are looking at other acquisition opportunities according to Marketing Manager Tom Perry.

“Recent research we undertook revealed that Freedom is perceived as a voice company. Our options have been to get new staff in or to continue down the acquisition route and it is likely that the next company we look at will be a data centric organisation.

This will mean that Freedom will move away from being a single vendor company. With regards to hosted applications we did look at working with AlwaysON and have a few customers but the application is not a major focus for us. We see managed services proposition being a better proposition where we can offer users a fixed monthly price. We expect to launch a service shortly.

With regards to networks we turned over £4.5m out of our £17.1m total split across THUS, Cable & Wireless and BT Wholesale. We never seemed to figure highly on the C&W radar despite out £3.0m a year spend and still do not know whether we are on or off their bus.”

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