French Gov to offer public services free on all mobiles

Mobile technology specialist Mobile Distillery is supporting the Proxima Mobile initiative spearheaded by the French Government. Offering free services and information via all mobile phones to French citizens, Proxima Mobile aims to bring a range of information such as health advice, citizen and consumer information, or even the details of the CO2 footprint of consumer products to all people in France.

Mobile Distillery is supporting this project by offering a free version of its Celsius automatic porting technology tailored to Proxima Mobile to ensure that all information can be relayed to the widest possible range of handsets.

“This initiative, launched by the French Minister of State Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, is a great way to bring mobile services and technology closer to the public,” said Vincent Berge, CEO and co-founder of Mobile Distillery. “By offering access to our cross-platform development solution free of charge for the development phase to all those involved in Proxima Mobile, we hope to contribute to this French innovation and give more people access to useful public information via their mobiles.”

Mobile Distillery is offering all Proxima Mobile projects free access to a Celsius licence (including NFC and Bluetooth modules, Alembic for Celsius as well as BlackBerry and Android). Included are also two days’ training to automatically optimise each application for all phones using parametric development, as well as the automatic porting to as many phones as possible; parametric development allows a single source code to automatically generate optimised code for each handset without resorting to using the least common denominator. Instead, executable code can be created which can use the maximum of each handset’s possibilities.

“Our mission is to help corporations in their Go-Mobile strategy, so it is only natural that we feel concerned when a national government develops a significant Go-Mobile strategy of their own,” continued Berge. “This is the first time we’ve come across such a project and are proud that France is leading the way. If it’s a success it would be great to see it rolled out across other European countries, including Britain.”

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