Freshtel’s mobile VoIP for Tesco now on 10 handsets

Freshtel’s whitelabel VoIP solution for Tesco Talk WiFi is now available on 10 Nokia handsets.

Freshtel’s whitelabel VoIP solution allows users to keep their existing mobile number while making VoIP calls, via an application download onto a compatible mobile handset. As well as allowing customers to call and send messages to other users for free it also makes calls to other mobiles, landlines and international numbers substantially cheaper, regardless of what mobile network customers are on.

The product automatically routes the call over the WiFi network where available, as this is the cheapest route for the call. This means customers with broadband WiFi in their home or office will be able to route their calls over the internet, as well as in public WiFi areas, as long as they have the necessary access rights. It only reverts to the mobile phone network if the caller is outside a WiFi area.

Sean Wilkins, Tesco Telecoms commercial and finance director, said: “Extending the range of handsets that Tesco Talk WiFi is available on will make this service accessible to a wider market. Tesco Talk WiFi is an example of Tesco taking a leading edge technology and making it great value, accessible and easy to use. Keeping call costs down has never been more important, particularly at this time of year with all those New Year greetings calls to make.”

Dan Hazell, UK manager at Freshtel, said: “We’re pleased that our VoIP service is now available to more mobile customers, as it can offer them some welcome savings on their phone bill. We’re working to extend the service further onto more handsets in early 2009 so more people can enjoy mobile VoIP calls.”

Freshtel and Tesco trialled Tesco Talk WiFi at Wireless 08 in May and launched the service in September 2008.

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