Friday is National Work from Home Day

Friday, May 15, will be National Work from Home Day. With an estimated five million people taking part, the day will focus on how businesses in these straitened times can cut costs and boost productivity through home working. Additionally, should swine flu become a serious pandemic home working could help limit its spread while allowing people to continue working.

This will be the fourth National Work from Home Day organised by Work Wise UK, a national not-for-profit initiative to promote “smarter” working practices – such as flexible, remote and mobile working, and working from home. Its objective is for half the working population, some 14 million people, to be given the opportunity to work smarter by 2011.

To assist both broadcast and print media, case studies and statistics, both national and regional, will be made available. Please call the media contacts detailed below with your requests.

For further information about National Work from Home Day, and the subsequent events planned for Work Wise Week, please go to the Work Wise media centre at Various resources and information are being made available, including downloadable print-quality images, and a facility enabling journalists to receive automatic updates.

The Work Wise UK website can be found on the website

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