From Toyland to smartphones: Noddy races onto mobile

Beloved children’s character Noddy is making his mobile debut in Noddy in Toyland, available for iPhone and iPad devices, as well as Android smartphones and tablets. The move from toybox to smartphone features a series of five mini-games to entertain and educate young users aged three to seven and includes the popular show’s theme music and other sound effects, as well as selected video excerpts related to the games.

Noddy in Toyland features Noddy and all his friends including Bumpy, The Skittles and Mr Plod in a series of games that help children practice concentration, improve reaction skills and memory, as well as develop reasoning and observation skills. Three levels of difficulty are available in Noddy in Toyland, which has been made with even the youngest users in mind, as instructions are read out aloud rather than relying on text.

Noddy in Toyland features five popular games bringing entertainment to learning: Puzzles help develop reasoning and deductive skills; Pairs boosts both memory and concentration; Race features car racing to help improve anticipation and spatial awareness; Spot the Difference helps sharpen observation skills; Jukebox improves reaction skills.

Created in 1949 by Enid Blyton, Noddy is an endearing character who touches every generation. Noddy’s adventures have been adapted repeatedly for the small screen and the Noddy mobile application will make Noddy’s adventures even more interactive. His adventures have been translated into more than 30 languages and more than 200 million copies have been sold.

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